Cilin Culture



Environmental-orientation   Advanced-technology   Keen-innovation   Full-service



♦ Responsible: taking improving the environment, benefiting the people and constructing a beautiful China as our responsibility

♦ Environmental: taking raising resource utilization rate, reducing pollution and ecological damage as our goal

♦ Safe: supervising the quality and safety of our products with the most stringent standards

♦ Innovative: taking constant researching and upgrading of the core technologies and materials as our foundation



Through constant innovation and development of core technologies and products, continuously expanding and improving of the applying channels, growing and expanding of the talent team, the enterprise will gradually form the scale effect and brand effect, become a hi-tech group which combines core technologies, self-owned brands and excellent talents and make great efforts to contributing our share to the ecological environment career in our service areas, the construction of ecological civilization and the spread of the national culture.



♦ As a modernized hi-tech enterprise

We persistently proceed to our research and development work in a rigorous and scientific way and ensure that we constantly provide innovative, high-efficient and practical products; we pursue excellence and insist on high standards and requirements of all the work to guarantee the leading position in the industry, especially in the respect of quality and safety; we are committed to establishing an enduring and steady relationship with clients and cooperative partners on the basis of integrity and mutual benefit.

♦ As an employee-satisfied enterprise

We consider our employees as the most valuable property and regard them as the core capital of the enterprise. We attempt to create a positive and encouraging working atmosphere to make sure that their talent can be approved, value realized, personality respected and privacy protected. We also provide them with extensive space of personal development and a large stage where every employee can exploit his or her talent.

♦ As a social responsible enterprise

We will not sacrifice public interests for the sake of our own benefit or long-term benefit for the sake of short-term benefit. We concern about our influences towards the natural ecological environment and try our best to reduce the possible negative influences to the minimum level and make positive contributions to our service areas; we earnestly practice what we advocate and attempt to commercialize the hi-tech scientific findings into efficient eco-friendly products which bring about health and convenience for the people and contribute our own share to constructing a harmonious society.