Innovative Technology

Integrated system of nanotechnology deep purification is mainly aiming at the deep purification of excessive micro-pollutants like arsenic, fluorine, humic acid, etc. Besides application of regular water treatment technologies, this system also applies technologies that are especially for removing arsenic, fluorine, humic acid and other micro-pollutants. Therefore, the micro-polluted water source could reach the national drinking water standards after integrated treatments of this system. Meanwhile, the system also includes fast live water quality detection system and sludge treatment system.

Cilin’s branch company, Cilin Anhui Co., Ltd plans to cooperate with America’s Yale University on the research and promotion of a kind of biological signal testing device. The project is to develop a kind of technology that will indicate the "acquired" corruption of patients’ biological samples in the process of inspection. Correct sample clinical test results ensure the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment. Applying this technology to meat consumption market could dynamically monitor fresh degree of the meat.