Excellent talents are fundamental for the survival of an enterprise while a wholesome team is fundamental for the success of an enterprise. We regard all employees of Cilin Group as our most valuable property. We treasure the differences of employees, encourage them to realize higher ideal and fulfill more challenging tasks.

Rich talents lead to the flourish of an enterprise. We are committed to reasonably exploit and appoint the talents on the basis of appreciating and cherishing them and allow every employee to fully realize his or her self-value while serving the company and the society.We attempt to create a positive and encouraging working atmosphere to make sure that their talent can be approved, value realized, personality respected and privacy protected. We also provide them with extensive space of personal development and a large stage where every employee can exploit his or her talent.



Emphasizing both talents and virtue while regarding virtue as the basic requirement

“A talented man should be smart, perspicacious, strong-willed and determined while a virtuous man should be upright, fair-minded and gentle-mannered. Talent assists virtue while virtue commands talent.” A man with only virtue is mediocre. A man with only talent is base. Both talent and virtue are very important, that’s why we consider them as basic requirements when we choose and appoint someone. It is required that our employees should be diligent, honest and disciplined in their work.

► Assigning jobs to people according to their abilities and giving full scope to the talents

As for employment, we resist stereotype and absolutization. If you are truly a talent, welcome to join us. We will arrange suitable positions, sustainable development space and various opportunities for employees according to their ability, speciality, personality and personal will. We will try our best to make sure that the position is suitable for the employee, his or her talent can be fully displayed and employees love their job.

► Being fair and square, esteeming and making good use of the talents

We promote the capable ones, replace the average ones and relief the incapable ones. We take practical capacity and working attitude as the fundamental standards in measuring and selecting the talents, esteem and make good use of the talents. We provide the talents with a stage where they can display their capability and opportunities to show their intelligence, and offer reasonable salary and position for those who contribute a lot and deserve such treatment. We advocate sincere relationship and simple working environment, expect every employee can fully display his or her advantages and potentials, and encourage the whole team grow and advance along with the enterprise.