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The First-stage Project of Tianjin Port Industrial Park Won High Praise from All Circles!

Published:2014-4-18  Views:508

Tianjin Port Industrial Park is the national petrochemical base planned by National Development and Reform Commission, one of the key development areas of Tianjing and Tianjin Binhai New Area’s eleventh five-year plan, and the core constitute part of Tianjin Binhai Industrial Area and Tianjin Port Industrial Park.
The group subsidiary, Cilin Tianjin Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. offered more than 30 sets of imported drainage equipments and was responsible for the construction project of 11 pumping stations. By the end of this year, some of the pumping stations have running well for more than five years.  The largest total displacement is up to 190 cubic meters per second. There is not one station appeared any problem. The whole project receives high praises from the industry. In the future, our company will continue to take safe, smooth and efficient urban drainage as our own duty, to participate in the subsequent construction of Tianjing Port Industrial Park and to contribute to Tianjing Port Industrial Park pumping station and its building water supply and drainage.