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Tianjin Port Sinochem Petrochemical Dock Project Is Completed.

Published:2014-3-14  Views:630

Tianjin Port Sinochem Petrochemical Dock is built at the north shore of Dahusha channel of the south new development zone of Tianjin Nanjiang port with a total investment of 348.47 million yuan. It’s the first dock project of Tianjing Port in the south areas of Nanjiang port.

The group subsidiary, Cilin Tianjin Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. offered a series of safe and environmental drainage equipments which well solved the drainage problem of 509 meter-long coast dock and its ancillary facilities, eliminated hidden danger of inwelling and flood in the rainy seasons and provided practical protection for the dock’s operating safety.

Tianjin Port Sinochem Petrochemical Dock started trail production on Jan 1st, 2011. Up to July 5th, 2012, this dock has done 129 ship works with a handling capacity of more than 1.03 million tons. Our company’s equipments operate well and offer strong support for the steady operation of the dock.