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Tianjin Nangang Odfjell Dock Drainage Project Has Successfully Completed!

Published:2014-12-11  Views:521

This project is an important basic supporting project of Nangang industrial zone, mainly served the production and storage enterprises in and around the zone. At present, the basic construction of the first phase of the project has been completed, and is expected to be put into use early next year.
It is reported that the first phase of the project will build 3 new berths, with its largest dockable capacity up to 50 thousand tons ship.  Transported cargo types mainly are refined oil products and liquid chemical products. The design carrying capacity of the berth is 4.56 million tons per year. The total storage of the dock’s engineering supporting construction is 350000 cubic meters of petroleum, chemical storage tank field. Its shipment quantity is about 8 million tons per year.
The drainage scheme and equipments provided by our company play an important role in the whole project. Main equipments have been installed in mid-November 2014. At present, the equipments are in stable and reliable operation.