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Eastern China Water Purification Environment Protection Equipment Hi-tech Industrial Park Is Officially Launched

Published:2015-1-4  Views:593

Eastern China Water Purification Environment Protection Equipment Industrial Park prepared to be established by Anhui Water Purification Industry Association is officially launched. It will be the largest domestic water purification industry park where complete machines and accessories are produced and traded at the present after its establishment.

The first-stage project of the park is 1000 mu among which 800 mu is built as a water purification equipment industrial cluster including accessories, membranes, complete machines, etc. The other 200 mu is built for research, logistics, trade, e-commerce, apartment and comprehensive assorts. The surrounding environment of the park is ideal. The park is located in the north of Hefei, 12km from downtown, closely adjoined the exit of beltway (500m), the municipal road (200m) and 206 national road under construction. It is 10km away from the newly built Hefei Xinqiao International Airport and 5km from Dongpu reservoir in the south. The terrain of the park is flat and smooth. Its trunk roads have been completed and provided a convenient traffic and life. The industrial park is taking shape.

In 2013, several general managers of the domestic leading water purification equipment enterprises expected Anhui Water Purification Industry Association to take the lead in planning constructing a large modernized industrial park in Hefei, Anhui province, with modern science and technology as the leading factor; an industry chain of equipment assembly, brand development, parts and consumable production; big market of logistics, trade and e-commerce; and a smooth system of production and marketing. This idea is approved by National Standardization Committee, China Association for Quality Inspection. They express their will of multidirectional cooperation after the construction including setting up branches, promoting water purification equipment product standards, supporting for product development and monitoring, etc.

After its completion, the plan bookEast China Water Purification Environmental Protection Equipment High-tech Industrial Park attaches great attention from Anhui Federation of Industry and Commerce and is immediately reported to Anhui Provincial Government. Executive vice governor ZhanXia has written the instructions. The secretary-general of Anhui Federation of Industry and Commerce acts as project liaison in person, assisting in docking with the local government. After comparing several places, they have basically selected the district area of northern Hefei. At present, the two sides are carrying out specific promoting work in respect of planning and design, etc.

The association and the local government have made a smooth negotiation. The government committed to provide various preferential policies and promised to solve indicators and guarantee a good job of seven connections and one leveling. Anhui Water Purification Industry Association heartedly welcome water purification equipment enterprises at home and abroad to join in and promote the prosperity development of China's water purification industry.