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Scientific Drinking to Improve Immunity

Published:2015-1-9  Views:521

Drinking enough water in autumn and winter is equally important.


Cough, flu, asthma and other lung diseases are prevalent in autumn and winter. Thus, it is very important for old people with lung diseases and people living in a crowded environment to improve their immunity in order to prevent flu and other diseases. There are many ways to enhance immunity, for example, eat more vegetable and fruit、 less spicy and pungent food, do adequate excises every day and so on. Taking in enough water is also necessary to retain good immunity. But, people always keep drinking enough water in summer due to the excessive sweat and high temperature in this season but ignore the importance of water in autumn and winter.

Water is at the bottom of Chinese people’s diet balance pyramid which indicates the importance of water for human body. Research shows that 5% water consumption of human body will cause wrinkle skin, weak muscle, fatigue, dizziness and other disease symptoms in cold winter. Women will get skin problems like acne and dark skin if their bodies are short of water in winter. For men, they may be caught by prostate diseases in autumn and winter. Enough water is good for urination and preventing prostate diseases. Therefore, drinking water in autumn and winter is also important.


Sufficient water drinking is good for detoxification.


The so-called detoxification can be simply regarded as the process of human body’s discharging metabolism waste and various toxins. To retain good immunity, a clear detox path is very important. The detox method of human body is quite limited, such as urination, defecation, respiration, skin secretion and so on which all require the involvement of water.

Research shows that 80% toxins are in intestinal canals and about 20% are in pores, blood, lymphatic parts. To detox through drinking water is widely accepted by people among numerous detox methods. Sufficient water intake is conducive to the discharge of internal garbage through urinary system and the moisture of excrement which adds the excrement weight and makes it more soft and easy to be expelled from the body. Besides, the lung respiration and skin secretion also require water.


Scientific drinking to improve immunity


In flu season, scientific water drinking is definitely the best method of detoxification and a direct and efficient way of improving immunity of human body. The following are some suggestions of scientific water drinking:

1. Drinking enough water every day. According to the dietary guidelines of Chinese Nutrition society, a healthy male adult should drink 1700ml water every day while a healthy female adult should drink 1500ml every day. That is to say, a person should take in 6 to 8 cups of water every day in order to satisfy the water requirement of body metabolism every day.

2. The time of drinking water should be uniformly distributed in one day. The drinking time is not necessarily fixed. Don’t drink water once and for all. You can drink a cup of warm water after getting up in the morning in order to replenish water lost caused by body metabolism at night and drinking frequently in other times.

3. In addition to drinking water, you can also drink defined amount of milk, fresh fruit and vegetable juice which not only replenish water, but also provide protein, vitamin and other nutrient substances. Moreover, floral compounds in fresh fruit and vegetable juice always have oxidation resisting function which can remove free radical and improve the body’s immunity.

4. In flu season, the safety of drinking water should also be guaranteed. For example, unboiled tap water and long-laid water are not suitable for drinking. Virus and bacteria are easily bred in the water dispensers in many families. So we need do cleaning and disinfection regularly.

5.In flu season, we also need to protect ourselves when we go out and avoid going to crowded places. In our daily life, we can do more physical exercises to maintain a good physical condition and reduce the possibilities of catching a cold.