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Farewell, 2014. Hello, 2015. On January 22nd 2015, Cilin & Cas Environmental Technology (Anhui) Inc. has held its annual management conference 2015. The conference includes two parts: Cilin’s first general meeting of stockholders and management report and awardgiving meeting. Apart from employees and some leaders of Cilin Anhui company, Tianjing company and Shenzhen company, leaders from CAS and Hefei Hitech Zone Management Committee are also invited to attend the conference. They witnessed and shared all wonderful moments of the conference together.



Stockholders’ Meeting

On the conference, Cilin’s president reported the company’s business management review of 2014 and development plan in 2015 to all stockholders and received their approval and support.



Award-giving Meeting

The business report and awardgiving meeting was taking place in Howard Johnson Tech Center Plaza Hefei. The whole meeting went through in a passionate, warm and active atmosphere. There were eight items on the meeting agenda. Dr. Kong Lingtao from CAS was the host of this conference.

The first part was presenting awards for excellent employees of the year. The development of Cilin is inseparable from the industrious work of all employees. What goes around comes around. Giving commendation and awards to 2014 excellent employees raised the first climax of the conference.



The awarded employee representatives also made sincere speeches to express their gratitude for company’s cultivation, colleagues’ support and team’s utility and their hopes of taking responsibility and sharing success.

Cilin’s development also owes a lot to the efficient management of middlelevel managers. They keep pace with the company development and set great examples for their teams. With passionate youth and outstanding talents, they fight for the company together. The appointment of new managers raised another climax of the conference.

The new managers showed their enthusiasm and willingness to lead the team forward and make progress every year.

Then, the general manager and related department heads made the targetoriented responsibility contract of 2015. Cilin will keep going according to its development plan, corporation law and listed company requirements.

On the conference, Cilin signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jixun and started arranging its appliance business in Shenzhen, which marked the enterprise’s determination to become a group company integrating R&D, design, production, sale and service.



The culmination of the conference was the general manager’s mobilization speech. The general manager made a conclusive review of great achievements of 2014 and put forward the company’s new strategic plan and target of 2015. He also mentioned the possible difficulties in the future and encouraged the whole staff to fight for a better tomorrow together.

CAS’s strong support is also the drive of Cilin’s development. The chief scientist of 973 Program made a speech themed “Inspiration·Plan·Future” on the conference. He praised the achievements the company has made since its establishment, analyzed the market and science development home and abroad, and approved the promising future of Cilin. Mr. Liu’s speech was enthusiastic and modest, which inspired all company staff to cheer up and work hard.




Dinner Party:

In the following dinner, all employees proposed a toast for the coming new year and for a better tomorrow of Cilin. The annual conference ended in a harmonious, passionate and joyous atmosphere.