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Published:2015-8-4  Views:484

The outstanding performance of new joint-stock company mode becomes a new development path in Hefei and a typical example of company reform in Anhui.

To ensure the accumulation and reasonable allocation of human resources and create innovative technology companies, on July 13, 2015, Anhui TV, Anhui Daily, and other 20 media have jointly reported the innovated development mechanism of Cilin & CAS Environmental Technology (Anhui) Inc. Hefei city has put forward a series of measures such as special talent area advice and the "one-stop" service, to enlarge corporate equity incentive pilot policy effect and attract high-end innovative talents. Since the establishment of stock incentive, there are 146 pilot companies. Early in 2014, Cilin has been the first batch of pilot enterprises of stock incentive.


At the moment, Cilin is running the second round of stock incentive with 14 employees involved. Till now, the number of employees with stock is nearly 30% of the total employees.


Form the very start, Cilin plans its future with long-term view. Cilin gives major technicians stock incentive in order to grasp technological power. This stock and divedend incentive releases great vitality of the technicians to the fullest. The company, scientific organization and technicians work together to make breakthrough in technology innovation.


Under the positive influence of stock ownership incentive and dividend project, Cilin begins to give key employees stock incentive in batches. This action breaks the traditional relationship between company and its employees. This benefit-sharing action fully emphasizes and respects employees’ master position.


The one who holds the key of science and technology innovation can keep ahead and win the advantages. Science and technology innovation in Hefei is more and more phenomenal in the country. Cilin will become an irreplaceable part of it with its unique vision and courage of system innovation.