Imported duckbill valve

Slip-On Series Rubber Duckbill Check Valve – Series CPO

Date:2021-02-26 views:137

The Series CPO Slip-On Rubber Duckbill Check Valve is designed to be efficient, quiet and tough. It requires no external power sources, thereby reducing operation costs. The valve’s simple design means there are no moving mechanical parts to break down or jam, reducing maintenance costs. This type of valve is ideally suited to marine outfall diffusers.

CPO Valves easily handle corrosive or abrasive materials such as raw sewage, sludges or slurries. Their flexible design allows solids to pass through unhindered and can even surround solids trapped in the valve.

Series CPO Slip-On Check Valves are versatile and can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

The heart of the Elasto-Valve Series CPO Backflow Preventer is a fabric reinforced rubber “duckbill” sleeve manufactured with top quality materials. This flexible sleeve provides maximum flow with a minimum pressure drop across the valve at all times.

Unlike conventional check valves – which require frequent maintenance to replace worn seats, hinge pins, balls or flappers – there is little or no maintenance with CPO Valves.

Available in a variety of styles and reinforced elastomers, the Elasto-Valve Series CPO Backflow Preventer can be adapted to almost any application.