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Introduce the domestic distribution of rubber expansion joint market

Date:2019-06-25 views:350

Domestic rubber joints were first introduced in the 1980s, and the earliest introduction was in the Shanghai area, and then took root and sprouted in the Shanghai area to form the national brand of Shanghai rubber joints. During the year, as the product performance was further explored, Shanghai rubber joints began to radiate to several surrounding cities, especially the formation of the Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai markets, marking the successful transformation of the domestic rubber joint market from point to surface. At the same time In Gongyi City, Henan Province and Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, certain rubber joint market gathering areas have also formed, which are mainly adapted to the local natural environment. Take the market in Gongyi, Henan Province, which is rich in aluminum, iron, copper and other ores. In addition, the famous Gongxian arsenal during the Beiyang period also brought certain technical support for local smelting and iron making.

The above are the main large-scale gathering areas of the domestic rubber joint market. For now, the Shanghai area has always marked the most advanced production level in the country, and the product performance is first-class in terms of pressure and service life. The rubber joint markets in Henan and Hebei are unable to form effective competitiveness with Shanghai rubber joints due to insufficient production technology and financial strength, so they generally have an advantage in price. Therefore, if users pay attention to product performance in the process of purchasing rubber joints, it is best to use Shanghai rubber joints. If they pay attention to the price of rubber joints, they can choose Henan rubber joints.