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Talking about the opportunities and challenges of the water purifier industry under the current situation

Date:2013-12-16 views:84

In recent years, water pollution across the country has been very serious. Even the mineral water industry giant Nongfu Spring has had water source problems. Therefore, people are now talking about "water" discoloration. But everything has its pros and cons. This is undoubtedly a good development opportunity for the water purifier industry.

As a result, whether it is an established water purifier company or a variety of companies from across the industry are ready to show their talents, want to share a piece of the market. However, it is understood that most domestic water purifier companies are not fully prepared in terms of capital, technology, personnel, and production capacity.

In this huge market, strong water purifier brands can often take the lead. Although some small and medium-sized enterprises can't eat meat, they can still drink some leftover soup. This messy water purification industry has unexpectedly broken out a lot of problems, mainly in the following aspects:

First: lack of own hardware

Many domestic water purifier brands are inserted halfway because of the potential for development in this market. Therefore, for them, the funds may be sufficient, but the technical hardware is insufficient and there is no core competitiveness. Sooner or later if a company does not have its own core competitiveness Will be eliminated by the market, so companies must start to form their own technical team from now on, only by gradually improving their own technology can they take root in the market.

Second: excessive dependence on the Internet

This is an era of e-commerce, and all companies have begun to use the Internet to conduct investment and sales. For the water purification industry, some companies with smaller financial strength cannot afford to expand offline channels, so they can only Focus on the Internet. It is true that the Internet allows them to survive their survival crisis in the early stages of development and gradually develop and grow, but as the scale of the enterprise continues to expand, offline sales are also necessary. And with the increasingly fierce market competition and the rising cost of Internet promotion, SMEs will find it increasingly difficult to develop in this rapidly growing Internet market. Therefore, SMEs cannot focus on the Internet. , Only when online and offline go hand in hand can the development of the enterprise be more stable.

Third: Lack of overall planning

Since water purifiers are relatively new, the domestic water purification market has developed late and lacks uniform standards. Many water purifier brands tried to get a piece of the pie after seeing the rise of this industry before joining the water purification industry. Therefore, most water purifier brands lack a systematic understanding of the channel theory system and a clear grasp of the future development trend of China's marketing channels, nor do they know how to conduct a reasonable overall design of marketing channels.

Fourth: backward marketing management

Limited by the current status of China's overall market, self-employment is encouraged. As a result, dealers in many places usually represent products of multiple brands, and there are no specialty stores, and there is no good cooperation between enterprises and dealers. As a result, small dealers are unable to develop the market, while powerful large dealers are unwilling to make the market deep, refined, and thorough. They only focus on the small profits in front of them and are unwilling to do so. Marketing and operation. Moreover, many powerful distributors do not have the ability to operate the brand and the ability to manipulate the market.

The entire water purification industry lacks an advanced marketing management system and concept.

Fifth: Disorderly prices are serious

In order to occupy market share, many water purifier brands have a quantitative influence, that is, gain market share by winning by quantity. This has led to the basis of channel management when the dealers channel inventory pressure, promotions and rebates brought about market price confusion, diverted goods and other problems.

In order to obtain year-end rebates, compete for customers, and drive the sales of off-brand products, dealers only seek small profits but quick sales, and only seek small profits at the moment, regardless of the consequences, rushing to add randomly; in order to complete the task, they deliberately cross the goods, or even in their own area Selling at regular prices, competing for customers in the area of responsibility at low prices, disregarding the manufacturer’s policies. Excessive and disorderly competition among channel members has brought market chaos.

At present, the marketing channels of most Chinese water purifier brands are fragile, more or less backward, passive, and messy, and must be effectively improved and upgraded. The effective way to improve and upgrade marketing channels is "reasonable design, effective management, and innovation to win." Judging from the current market response, the major water purifier brands have shown their magical powers. Whoever takes the lead will become the leader of the water purification industry in the future.