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Energy saving and environmental protection industry will become a new pillar industry in 2015

Date:2013-09-27 views:93

Time: 2013-08-12 09:17 Source: Securities Times Author: Wang Yan

my country accelerates the development of energy saving and environmental protection industries

  The State Council recently issued the "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industries", proposing to release the potential market demand for energy conservation and environmental protection industries and make them a new growth point for the national economy.

The "Opinions" proposed that a unified, open, fair competition, and standardized market order should be established to ensure that the average annual growth rate of the output value of the energy-saving and environmental protection industry is above 15%. By 2015, the total output value will reach 4.5 trillion yuan, becoming a new national economy. Pillar industry.

  In order to further develop the energy-saving and environmental protection industry, the "Opinions" clarified that it is necessary to expand investment and financing channels, vigorously develop green credit, and increase support for energy-saving and environmental protection projects in accordance with the principles of controllable risks and sustainable business. Actively innovate financial products and services, and in accordance with existing policies and regulations, explore the inclusion of franchise rights in the scope of loan collateral (pledge). Support green credit and financial innovation, and establish a green bank rating system.

  The “Opinions” support financing guarantee institutions to increase their guarantees for energy-saving and environmentally-friendly enterprises that comply with industrial policies, have good qualifications, and have standardized management. Support qualified energy conservation and environmental protection enterprises to issue debt financing instruments such as corporate bonds, SME collective bonds, short-term financing bills, and medium-term notes. Select energy-saving and environmentally-friendly enterprises with good qualifications and launch pilot projects for non-public issuance of corporate bonds. Steadily develop carbon sink trading. Encourage and guide private investment and foreign investment into the field of energy conservation and environmental protection.

  In order to ensure the smooth operation of the market-oriented mechanism for the energy-saving and environmental protection industry, the "Opinions" stated that a system of energy efficiency “leader” for major end-use energy products will be established, with a clear implementation time limit. Promote energy-saving power generation dispatch. Strengthen power demand side management and carry out comprehensive urban pilot projects. Research and formulate a catalog of mandatory recycling products and packaging, establish an extended system of producer responsibilities, and encourage producers to implement the responsibilities of recycling and disposal of waste products.

  The "Opinions" will also adopt methods such as government network construction and enterprise construction to encourage market-oriented construction and operation of urban sewage and garbage treatment facilities. Deepen the pilot program for the paid use and trading of emission rights, establish and improve the policy system for the paid use and trading of emission rights, and study and formulate the initial price and transaction price policy of emission rights trading. Carry out pilot carbon emissions trading. Improve the polluter pay system, improve the mineral resources compensation system, and accelerate the establishment of an ecological compensation mechanism.