About Us

Cilin Group, located in Hefei, the beautiful capital city of Anhui province, is an integrated group which combines core technologies, self-owned brands and excellent talents and principally committed to hi-tech industries in line with international standards. It is a young and vigorous hi-tech group company with over 80% of its staff being outstanding talents graduated from 211, 985 universities.


The Group has four subsidiary companies which have good performances and rich experiences in fields of docks, pumping stations, water drainage, water purification, etc.


Cilin Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd.(now known as Demei Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Engineering Co. Ltd.), registered in Tianjin Binhai New Area, is a domestic well-known equipment integration company which is developed from a foreign enterprise’s agency in Tianjin. With international-advanced equipments and technologies and the operation principle of “profession and honesty”, the company has successfully provided world-class products and services for port works, municipal works, petroleum industry, chemical engineering and other fields in Tianjin Binhai New Area. On the basis of years of experience accumulation, constant improvement of service and specialization level, Cilin Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. becomes number one in market share of the domestic industry, provides equipments and services for over 85% newly built docks in China and receives consistent affirm and praise from clients in various fields, laying the solid business and reputation foundation for the future development of the company.


Cilin & CAS Environmental Technology (Anhui) Inc. cooperates with domestic top-class scientific research department (Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences) to apply nano-technology in the development of rural drinking water deep purification system on the basis of Technical Application and Promotion of National Basic Research Program (973). With the top research and development group of Chinese Academy of Science as its solid backup force and five years’ unremitting efforts, the company has developed a full set of deep purification system aiming at contaminated water source, which is simple, efficient and cost-effective. Responded to the state’s call of “solving drinking water safety problems in rural areas”, the company is committed to applying this high and new technology into areas throughout the country where the underground water is polluted and contributing its share to changing the current situation that more than 200 million rural people cannot drink safe and standard water.


Cilin Anhui Co., Ltd. cooperates with a scientific research institution of Yale University in United States on the research and promotion of a kind of biological signal testing device. The project is to develop a kind of technology that will indicate the "acquired" corruption of patients’ biological samples in the process of inspection. Correct sample clinical test results ensure the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment. The company is committed to applying this technology to meat consumption market in order to dynamically monitor fresh degree of the meat and guarantee people are eating “safe meat”.


Cilin East International Culture Co., Ltd., with the development of culture industry as its core, culture integration its way and inheriting and spreading outstanding national culture its mission, explores the depth of culture connotation, expands culture industry chains, strives to forge an eastern culture brand with international view and strong core competence and becomes a culture supplier, operator and integrator in the international market.


On the present basis, through constant innovation and development of core technologies and products, growing and expanding of the talent team, continuously expanding and improving of the applying channels, joint efforts and cooperation of different industries and regions, the group will continuously enhance core abilities including market operation, capital operation, resources integration, science and technology innovation, management control, develop and sharpen the competitive advantages, gradually form the scale effect and brand effect, and move forward steadily. We constantly make research on advanced science and technology, improve our product quality and service quality, actively practice our own social responsibilities in the process of the development, and make great efforts to contributing our share to the ecological environment career in our service areas, the construction of ecological civilization and the spread of the national culture.